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เนื้อเพลง Lover's Concerto

by MaKu : 20 Jul 2013
Lover's Concerto Song Lyric

Lover's Concerto

* How gentle is the rain that falls softly on the meadow.
Birds high up on the trees serenade the clouds
with their melodies. Oh!

( * )

See their beyond the hill,
the bright colors of the rainbow.
Some magic from above.
Made this day for us, just to fall in love.

** You'll hold me in your arms,
and say once again you'll love me.
And that your love is true,
everything will be just as wonderful.

Now, I belong to you,
from this day until forever.
Just love me tenderly and I'll give to you
every part of me. Oh!

Don't ever make me cry,
through long lonely nights without us.
Be always true to me,
keep this day in your heart eternally.

( ** )

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