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คอร์ด Walk You Home Ost.ไอฟาย..แต๊งกิ้ว..เลิฟยู้

by GirlGirl : 25 Dec 2014

Walk You Home Ost.ไอฟาย..แต๊งกิ้ว..เลิฟยู้

Intro: F | Bbm | F Bbm Am Dm Tonight, just the two of us so forget the world for a while Am Dm Bb Am Gm F Open your heart and open your eyes. I’m right here in front of you. F Bbm Am Dm And you look so pretty in your dress. Though I knows I look like a mess, Am Dm Bb Am Gm F I'll do my best towin your heart. So can I walk you home tonight? Bb Am Bbm F * Please tell me how you feel. Cos deep inside I know it’s real Bb Am Dm Bb Bbm F I promise, I will forever be yours. Darling open up to me, Let me walk you home A Dm Before its morning, before the sunrise Bb Bbm Before I go back to reality F C/E Dm C And you go back to your life Bb Am C/E F Tell me that you feel the same way too Intro: F C/E | Dm | Bb Am Gm | Bb Am Gm | F | F | Repeat * Bb Bbm F Even if you’ll never be mine. I’m in love with you, tonight

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