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คอร์ด Unchained Melody

by MaKu : 08 Jun 2016
Unchained Melody Guitar Chord

Unchained Melody

C Am F G * Oh, my love, my darling I've hungered for C Am G your touch A long, lonely time C Am F G Time goes by so slowly And time C Am G can do so much Are you still mine? C G Am Em ** I need your love...... I...... need your love F G ( C C7 ) God speed your love to me F G F D# Lonely rivers flow To the sea, to the sea F G C To the open arms of the sea F G F D# Lonely rivers sigh "Wait for me, wait for me" F G C G I'll be coming home, wait for me Repeat ( * , ** ) Outro : C | Am | F Fm | C

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